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This week in The Conversation, Ron Johnston attempts to sort the hype from the probable in considering how the employment market is going to change in the face of exponential automation. Go to for the storyRead story »

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Innovation Unravelled

| 22nd Jul 2016
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Today, in The Conversation, Ron Johnston unravels the riddles about the place of innovation in the future economy and government policy. Go to Read story »


Innovation Space

| 6th May 2016
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First in a regular series of commentaries on the innovation debateRead story »

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Ron Johnston appeared before a Hearing of the House of Representatives Committee on Employment and Education, inquiring into 'Inovation and Creativity: Workforce for the New Economy' held in Sydney onWednesday 27 April 2016.Read story »

t s I am delighted to be bringing Professional Performance for Engineers (PPIR) to University of Sydney Engineering students after having been involved in the development of the project since its early days - a great tool for helping young engineers to comprehend...Read story »