ACIIC has moved

| 5th Feb 2014
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ACIIC has moved, after many years of occupancy of the Link Building, to the School of IT (SIT), Level 5, Rooms 532, 533 and 534. SIT is adjacent to the Seymour Centre, just off City Road, Darlington.Read story »


Pawsey Centre launched

| 18th Dec 2013
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The Pawsey Centre (  is a world-class supercomputing centre, the primary object of which is to host new supercomputing facilities and expertise to support the SKA (Square Kilometre Array) astronomical research.Read story »

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Laurie,who worked for many years with the Australian Centre for Innovation, has graduated with a PhD based on his research demonstrating that innovation is not a 'natural' concept, but only emerged substantially in the context of the early 20th century formulation of...Read story »

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Dr Richard Silberglitt, a colleague from the RAND Corporation, made his first visit to Australia, and the Australian Centre of Innovation in December. He visited Australia to explore the development of a scenario planning-based approach to future contingencies for DSTO, in which...Read story »

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The Australian Centre for Innovation is a member of the international consortium recently awarded a 4.8 million Euros EC grant to conduct a four-year study of social innovation.Read story »