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New technologies offer unprecedented opportunities for economic growth and community wellbeing, but only if Australians are ready to adapt and learn, according to a new report from the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA). Technology and Australia’s Future explores what it takes to...Read story »


Advanced Engineering Pitch

| 15th Jun 2015
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45 second-year Advanced Engineering students from the Faculty of Engineering &IT at the University of Sydney gathered at ATP Innovations at the Australia Technology Park on 27 May to make their pitch to an audience of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, families and friends,...Read story »

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Two teams made a presentation of their Engineers Without Borders project to asisst the lives of the people of Bambui in Cameroon, West Africa to the engineering staff of Arup on 2 June.Read story »

Research commercialisation
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Ron Johnston has been contracted by ACOLA to assist in the project for the Chief Scientist (Securing Australia's Future 09) addressing the need for Australia to improve the application of outputs from its investment in publicly funded research.Read story »

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Ron Johnston was invited to join a meeting of the Italian National Research Council on Converging Technologies for Sustainable and Healthy Food to present a perspective on the potential for treatment of agricultural wastes by nano- and other emerging technologies in Rome...Read story »