The Australian Centre for Innovation

Our Mission:


About Us What We Do   Major Achievements

The Australian Centre for Innovation

Our Mission:


About Us What We Do   Major Achievements

The Australian Centre for Innovation

Our Mission:


About Us What We Do   Major Achievements

About Us

The Australian Centre for Innovation was established in 1992, in the form of Australian Centre for Innovation and International Competitiveness (ACIIC Ltd) as an independent non-profit company. Its articles of association included contributing to the objectives of the University of Sydney and the Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering.  We have been deeply involved in developing a better understanding of the changing nature of the global knowledge economy and the means to prosper within it. At the same time, the Centre has continued its research and consulting in the areas of innovation, research and technology policy.

The future of Australia’s economic success depends in large part upon the development of effective strategies and policies for science, technology and innovation in both the public and private sectors. The most productive and fastest growing economies are developing innovative capabilities as core corporate and public-sector strategies.

» Innovation in the service and knowledge-based industries

» Innovation in regional economic development

More recently, the objectives and operations of the Centre have moved with the changing times, in order to maintain and focus on current and future pressing issues. This has seen the Australian Centre for Innovation:

» strengthen its foresight and horizon scanning capabilities

» develop a major capacity to deliver effective engagement between the worlds of research and commerce

» initiate a major research program on the future of work

» design and deliver new learning approaches to innovation and entrepreneurship

What We Do

  •  Analyse emerging technologies and identify their potential industry, market , environmental and social impact
  • Develop and evaluate innovation and technology strategies for specialist technology companies
  • Promote innovation appropriate to small and micro-businesses
  • Design and evaluate mechanisms to strengthen university-industry collaboration; this includes a broker-service to identify potentially appropriate partners in the industry and research communities and to build the basis of cooperation
  • Facilitate engagement and the exploration of issues between disparate parties, where our deep knowledge of emerging technologies and their potential influence on business opportunities, skill requirements and regulation challenges have provided the basis for building new strategies and engagement
  • Design and deliver leading-edge teaching and training courses to equip engineers with the skills to be effective managers, innovators and entrepreneurs

Where we’ve worked

ACIIC Global Business Placeholder
ACIIC Global Business

Major Achievements

ACIIC has:

 Provided leadership in establishing a new culture of innovation in Australia

 Championed the key role of innovation and economic competitiveness

 Made a major contribution to an understanding of the global knowledge economy

 Identified new growth sectors and employment-generating opportunities in the knowledge economy

 Pioneered the application of ‘future analysis’ in Australia

 Developed and delivered international training courses in managing the future

 Assisted a wide range of private and public sector organisations to develop viable long-term visions and strategies

 Developed science and technology policy formulation and research evaluation.

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