If you are alarmed or despondent about the regular prognostications of disappearing jobs, we recommend you step away from the alarmist technological determinism which predicts “we’ll all be rooned”. We have heard it many times before. Not only is it a very narrowly based argument, but it brings with it a self-fulfilling danger.

A recent UK NESTA report, ‘The Future of Skills’, challenges the false alarmism that contributes to a culture of risk aversion and holds back technology adoption, innovation, and growth:  ” public dialogues that consider automation alone are dangerous and misleading. They are dangerous, because popular narratives matter for economic outcomes, and a narrative of relentless technological displacement of labour markets risks chilling innovation and growth, at a time when productivity growth is flagging in developed countries. They are misleading because there are opportunities for boosting growth – if our education and training systems are agile enough to respond appropriately.

You can find the report at http://www.nesta.org.uk/publications/future-skills-employment-2030