Ron Johnston was invited to join a meeting of the Italian National Research Council on Converging Technologies for Sustainable and Healthy Food to present a perspective on the potential for treatment of agricultural wastes by nano- and other emerging technologies in Rome in May 2015.

The Summary of the paper reads:

The sustainability of food production to feed the global population requires, among other changes, a dramatic decline in the wastage associated with agricultural and food production and consumption. Currently emerging technologies such as the biorefinery offer the prospect of capturing substantial value by converting waste to valuable product, and in moving agriculture towards a ‘leaner’ mode of operation. There is potential for newer emerging or converging technologies to support further advances. However, given the highly distributed structure of agricultural production, and the subsistence model on which so much of it is based, technologies to facilitate learning, access to information and communication of good practice may well be the greatest contributors to change.

The program and papers are available under Publications