The Australian Centre for Innovation is responsible for the design and delivery of a comprehensive stream of courses on management, innovation and entrepreneurship in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Sydney.

These courses are based on the Australian Centre for Innovation staff’s extensive experience of the analysis and management of technology and innovation in industry and in policy-making. They provide engineering students with an exposure to the worlds of professional practice while developing their technical skills:

Advanced Engineering Stream

Engineering a Sustainable World – engaging with the Engineers Without Borders Challenge to design a product or service appropriate to the needs of a specific community with limited economic opportunities and infrastructure

Communicating Technology – students learn client management, teaching planning and delivery, and leadership in establishing a relationship with a secondary school and designing and delivering an engineering related class to students

Innovation and Entrepreneurship – exposure to the fast-moving and complex planning and management processes of converting a good engineering idea into a commercial reality



Innovation and Entrepreneurship – a ‘Master Class’ for final year Engineering students to grapple with the challenges of engaging in and managing innovation and technology commercialisation


Engineering Professional Practice – an advanced engagement with management, ethics, sustainability and legal and regulatory practices from an engineering perspective

International Engineering Strategies and Operations – introduction to the global context of contemporary engineering and the consequent strategic and operational issues and employment opportunities

Management of Technology – a team simulation-based engagement with the complexities of the management of technology for competitive advantage

Management of Innovation – strategies and practice for driving, promoting and exploiting innovation to advantage

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