Professor Gerry Freed, B.Sc(Hons). SMIE(Aust). FAIM. C.Eng(Biomed).

Gerry Freed considers himself a global nomad having lived and worked in the UK, U.S.A. France and Australia. During the 1960’s the business started by Gerry in the UK pioneered data transmission, word processing and self-service filling stations. It exported 70% of sales to over seventy countries. After retirement to Australia in the early 1970s he joined the Nucleus Group, manufacturing and exporting medical technology. With the Group exporting more than 80% of production, as CEO of several of the operating companies he managed the development of a global market presence.  In France he was President of the Franco-British Business Association in Bordeaux and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Bordeaux MBA College. He was concerned with improving access to emerging market opportunities for French SMEs. As a founding committee member of FAIR (France-Australia Industrial Research) he was deeply involved in a bi-lateral agreement to create economic benefits to both countries by creating new linkages for commercialising R&D. His main fields of interests are the leverage of innovation on the competitive performance of global business and the evolving perceptions of the value of work. In past years he has advised BLE Capital on venture capital and technology investment, while with a Chair in Management, running the MBA Programme at Wollongong University. He was a founding director of a new business incubator in the Illawarra region. He has held Directorships in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia in both public and private companies, specialising in innovative technology driven businesses. He was a founder of the Australian Centre for Innovation at the University of Sydney. One of his major clients was AMP in Australia and in the U.K., for whom he developed activities in emerging markets, technology transfer and agribusiness investment. He is particularly experienced in India where he was on the advisory board of a venture fund.