John Currie, Ba, MA Hons, Dip.Ed.

John Currie is a management development and education consultant who has worked with the Australian Centre for Innovation, in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Sydney, since its inception. John has coordinated and lectured in various industrial and organizational management subjects within the Faculty of Engineering since 1992 at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. In addition, John has coordinated an Advanced Engineering unit that has taken engineering undergraduates into a number of high schools to enhance the understanding of engineering within the context of the NSW Science curriculum. The quality of this work has been recognized, both at the Faculty and University level with teaching awards in 1999 and 2005. Moreover, he has extensive experience in negotiating and implementing improvements to undergraduate curriculum and student learning during his ten years as Chair of the Faculty Learning & Teaching Committee, and seven years as Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching. These improvements included the introduction of: whole-of-Faculty teaching development; mandatory L&T certification for new lecturers; tutor training and certification; L&T benchmarking with Melbourne and Queensland Universities; on-line curriculum databases, whole-of-Faculty informational consistency in subject outlines, standards-based assessment and grade descriptors, development and mapping of generic graduate attributes within subjects and degree programs; on-line portfolio-based assessment; and Faculty-based L&T performance indicators linked to budgets. He has a strongly demonstrated capacity and well established credibility in the delivery of management development activities in the NSW and Federal Public Sectors and has delivered management development for clients such as the Australian Public Service Commission, the Queensland Public Service Commission the Institute of Public Administration Australia, the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, NSW Treasury, NSW Department of Education and Training, NSW Agriculture, NSW Department of Community Services, NSW Police Service and NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change.