The Chief Scientist has initiated a series of projects to address the mid-term future of Australia, under the title of ‘Securing Australia’s Future’. These projects, which will run to the end of 2014, have been contracted to the Learned Academies.

Ron Johnston, a Fellow of the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, has been appointed a member of the team tasked with analysing the role of new technologies in Australia’s security, cultural, democratic, social and economic system. This builds on his experience and contribution as Chair of the National Enabling Technologies Strategy Expert Forum over the past two years.

The team will examine:

– The key science and technology developments currently affecting Australia’s security, cultural, democratic, social and economic systems;

– the potential impacts of new and emerging technologies;

– the key determinants of industry’s uptake of new technologies and to what extent are these capable of influence by government policy;

– to what extent can new developments in science and technology, and their economic and societal impact, be anticipated;

– how these questions should be considered by Government in the future.