The Australian Centre for Innovation has operated successfully for just over 26 years. During that time we have chalked up a number of significant achievements.

I believe it is fair to claim, that we have significantly advanced the understanding of the role of science, technology and innovation (STI) in the national and global economy and of the tools and policies required to support the growth and application of STI (though it has become apparent it is a never-ending challenge). We have trained STI experts in many countries, particularly in the ASEAN region. We also helped to pioneer the application of tools like scenario planning to strengthen the future-orientation of strategy, planning and management, and to interpret the potential characteristics of a range of emerging technologies. And we have had a marked impact on the learning of thousands of engineering students, providing them with a wider perspective on the professional aspects of their skill development, and of the role of technology in their future career.

But it is clear that times have changed. The demand for our special insights on science, technology and innovation has declined as governments and companies have moved to require end-to-end analysis, policy formulation and program delivery in house.

As a consequence, the Board and members have determined that ACIIC should enter voluntary liquidation as of 10 January 2019. But that does not end our contribution. Assets of some $700,000 have been gifted to the Warren Centre of Advanced Engineering to promote humanitarian innovation through two new programs to operate over a number of years. A press release from the Warren Centre in our News section provides more detail.

To all of you who have followed our pioneering work over the years to improve our nation’s understanding of and ability to implement effectively new technologies, many thanks. It is our intention to continue to contribute to this discussion through this website and other channels.

Best wishes – Ron Johnston